AHDS offers three services specifically for Medicare health care providers.

If you are familiar with DDE/FISS, etc., you can do exactly the same functions over the Internet using AHDS connection to your Medicare data Centers. Just as you do now with DDE/FISS TN3270/green screen processes, real time claim status and claim correction can be done using AHDS' secure connection to your Medicare payer.

No longer do you need a dialup account, a modem and tying up a phone line. No longer do you need an expensive leased-line connection.

DDE - Claims Status

Does your organization know how to check the status of submitted Medicare claims? Let us show you how to view the current status of your claim and correct it in real-time. Connect to your Medicare payer over a secure connection without the need for a dial-up line and shorten the time to process your remittance.

Please contact us to learn more about claim status/correction.